PymepixAcq - Command line

Included with pymepix is a command line code using the pymepix library to acquire from timepix. It is run using:

pymepix-acq --time 10 --output my_file


pymepix-acq --help

Outputs the help:

usage: pymepix-acq [-h] [-i IP] [-p PORT] [-s SPX] [-v BIAS] -t TIME -o OUTPUT
                [-d DECODE] [-T TOF]

Timepix acquisition script

optional arguments:
-h, --help                 show this help message and exit
-i IP, --ip IP             IP address of Timepix
-p PORT, --port PORT       TCP port to use for the connection
-s SPX, --spx SPX          Sophy config file to load
-v BIAS, --bias BIAS       Bias voltage in Volts
-t TIME, --time TIME       Acquisition time in seconds
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT output filename prefix
-d DECODE, --decode DECODE Store decoded values instead
-T TOF, --tof TOF          Compute TOF if decode is enabled